Rehearsal Calendars!?!?

When I was acting, I had occasion to complain in my head that I was called too often or not often enough to rehearsal; sometimes it was as if I was being called to sit and wait on the “leads”, or I was only going to have a few opportunities to get everything right.  I was the kind of actor who worried that I wouldnt have enough time to explore my character, or my work with my scene partner(s)… so less rehearsal was more stressful than too much.

Now, as a director, my view on rehearsal calendars is significantly different.  But of course!  Trying to coordinate 30+ people, their calendars, their spouses or parental units and their calendars, plus trying to give people days off, and – wait for it – trying to also make sure that we have enough rehearsal time… its insane!

As an actor, I always tried to get conflicts in right away, but sometimes life happened.  As a director, I keep asking myself “why does life keep happening to MY actors?”  LOL
Of course, trying to direct 2 shows in 7 weeks is a daunting task, even if we werent doing something by the Bard!
Well, I may be crazy, but at least I know that my actors are seen every week, their conflicts are accounted for, and we now have a plan of attack that starts in earnest May 13!

-Julya (director)


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