Creative solutions!

we held our completion casting auditions on saturday and between the Fayetteville road closures, people accepting roles in other (conflicting) shows, and illness, we had a handful of the 15ish we were expecting.

that being said, we had some great auditioners – actually, they were all great in their own ways – and we were able to cast a couple.  in trying to make conflicts work i was able to cast one person with conflicts due to a terrific creative solution, mostly because  of my Rosencrantz, Noelle (who has worked with me for the last 6+ years), who made a terrific suggestion.  i was just smart enough to act on it!  so now im feeling good about what can be done, and i think that the audience will be pleased at how i can integrate an actor with conflicts… of course, no one will really KNOW who that was, but still.  LOL

we are still, however, looking for folks who can help backstage.  this show is going to require lots of moving bodies, especially bodies who can also be a part of the human props/set pieces.  so if you want to be in a show, but dont want to memorize lines, or if you want to help out backstage – get some credit/volunteer hours/something you need for school, do let us know!

if not, im sure we’ll find a creative solution to that, too!


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