Secrets secrets are no fun…except when they are!

So in rehearsal this week, as part of our character work, Julya had each of us write down a secret our character knows about another character.
Because I am mean, I gleefully wrote something scandalous about Guildenstern.  (Sorry, David.  Except not really.)
Then Julya announces that our secrets will be worked into the play somehow.  (Sorry, David.  Except not really.)
After rehearsal, I wait around until Julya is free and tell her I want her to read my secret now, so that I can see her reaction.
She unfolds my secret (Which is folded into an origami swan because reasons.), reads it, and goes into the Full-On-Julya-Belly-Laugh for a good minute.  She passes my secret on to Deirdre. 
…Who smirks.  And says “You need to read David’s.”
Deirdre digs out Guildenstern’s secret (which I presume is about Rosencrantz) and passes it to Julya, who reads it.
And begins to laugh so hard that she can’t breathe.  A good three minutes of gasping and wheezing and waving her hands around.

…What have we gotten ourselves into?
-Noelle (Rosencrantz)

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