Ming-Pow was seen on I-40W…

Ming-Pow wanted to get a little bit of Southern culture… and he found it, with a side of tasty snacks and afternoon sun!


Be the first to email us with the correct location at PlayerKing@littleindependenttheatre.com, and win 2 tickets to the opening night of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead on July 12!

No one’s found him yet – quick – he was seen turning onto 147…!

And he was found by Jeanann in Cary! Congrats on your two free tickets to opening night of R&G Are Dead!


Ming-Pow is lost!

One of the troupe members en route to Elsinore is lost! Ming-Pow heard that there were some awesome shakes and burgers (with amazing pickles!) at some Circus in Cary, but cant find them!

Help the Player King locate Ming-Pow by determining his location in this photo and then email him at PlayerKing@littleindependenttheatre.com. The first person to email with the correct location gets 2 tickets to OPENING NIGHT on Thursday, July 11!!


Hurry, before he moves on!

AND NOW, let us congratulate PETER from Cary on his 2 free ticket to opening night!

Fight Call!

Our new Hamlet & Laertes show off their quick learning skills in this video from day 2 of their Fight Call work!
Thanks to Jim Azarelo for the brilliant fight choreography and to Nick & Keegan for working so hard to pick it up as quickly as possible; they are so on top of it, we dont have to alter the choreo, even in this limited time!



There is something truly edifying when you give an actor a character suggestion, or ask them a question, and they digest it and make it a part of their work… and then, when they embrace it, evolve it, and enlarge it – well, then, things just become AMAZING! Who knew?!?!

As some of you may already know, we have had a lot of upsets to our cast. We have lost several tremendous actors who, for various reasons, could not continue with the production. In light of that, we could have quit. There were some tears for some of the changes, but ultimately, as a cast and crew we came together and I have to say, I could not be more honored to be working with the folks I have on board!

To announce all at once, some of the major cast changes:

Yes, folks, we lost Hamlet, Horatio (who is our new Hamlet), and Laertes all in one week. Talk about what could have been a demoralizing week – BUT the cast and crew have embraced these changes, and our rehearsals are lighter, more playful (OH the things we are DISCOVERING), and it is invigorating to come into rehearsal and have the actors all ABUZZ about choices and eager to get on their feet!

I am proud to work on this show, and I cannot wait for everyone to see it… things are coming along so swimmingly, its hard to believe we’ve had such upheavals. Truly, these people are AMAZING!

-julya (director)

i LOVE a good idea!

I am very lucky.
I have a tremendous tech team, and they are patient, understanding, and full of inspirational ideas.
Sunday night we have a VERY long meeting (sorry guys!) to make up for missing one prior. Good news is that it went by fairly quickly (at least for me) and we came up with some really AMAZING ideas.

We solved set piece problems, backdrop questions, settled on some costume pieces, began to prep the forthcoming “Wheres Alfred” campaign, and worked through the most unique curtain calls…
…and then I went to dinner with my SM and she and I took that “most unique curtain calls” decision and made.it.AMAZING (with some help from our lighting maven).
Truth is, Im SO excited by it, I WONT share, because it will be SO worth it to see it yourself!

So start thinking about when you want to come see the shows. They will surprise you, entertain, and evoke sentiment. How awesome is that?

-Julya (director)