i LOVE a good idea!

I am very lucky.
I have a tremendous tech team, and they are patient, understanding, and full of inspirational ideas.
Sunday night we have a VERY long meeting (sorry guys!) to make up for missing one prior. Good news is that it went by fairly quickly (at least for me) and we came up with some really AMAZING ideas.

We solved set piece problems, backdrop questions, settled on some costume pieces, began to prep the forthcoming “Wheres Alfred” campaign, and worked through the most unique curtain calls…
…and then I went to dinner with my SM and she and I took that “most unique curtain calls” decision and made.it.AMAZING (with some help from our lighting maven).
Truth is, Im SO excited by it, I WONT share, because it will be SO worth it to see it yourself!

So start thinking about when you want to come see the shows. They will surprise you, entertain, and evoke sentiment. How awesome is that?

-Julya (director)


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