Final Dress!

Time just flies when you are trying to direct 2 shows in 7 weeks, lose more than a handful of actors (or 2 handfuls for that matter), and tempt fate with illness throughout the cast & crew… it seems like just last week we were starting rehearsal. Okay, maybe it seems like 2 weeks ago, but still.

Hyperbole aside, I have come to the point where I am conversing with the theatre gods on the regular (er, well, yes, you can call it “conversing”). But last night, I thanked them.

The number of people who have jumped in to assist with changes, work overnights (working in the space from 4pm until 7am), run errands, or simply come in with a positive attitude and a hug… well, the number isnt small.

I am honored to be a part of a project where so many people are willing to do more than show up and say words.
I look forward to others enjoying the project, and offering their kudos and encouragement to the cast & crew.
They certainly deserve it.

– julya (director)


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