…and we’re BACK!

Ladies & Gents…
After the tremendous production that was Hamlet and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead this summer, I moved to Danville, KY. Yep. Danville. Kentucky.
And here I looked to set up l.i.t. through classes, shows, and collaborative projects.
To that end, I was lucky enough to hook up with an old theatre friend, Craig, who runs a local theatre company (Salt River Shakespeare). He encouraged me, introduced me to a bunch of great artistic types, and now l.i.t. is collaborating with a local arts center in Stanford to produce a show this holiday season, Im teaching at the Danville Community Arts Center, preparing a summer conservatory for teens and college kids, and actively working on the best thing ever – taking my concept of Mad Hamlet as a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015.
Lots going on.
So check out the new, re-designed website, check the blog, visit us on Facebook… and stay tuned. Lots and LOTS coming. Brace yourselves.



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