Foci for the summer!

Now that applications for our summer conservatory are coming in, so are the areas folks would like to focus on! So far, we’ve got a desire to focus on voice for the actor, understanding of genre, technical theatre, and all things related to musicals! What would you like to learn this summer?


Returning to good ol’ NC this summer…

After many interesting and challenging artistic opportunities here in Danville, we’re offering summer classes and a conservatory (and 2 shows in repertory!) in NC!

When I wasnt able to secure a rehearsal/performance space here in KY, good friends in NC said “why not come back here and work with all of us you know and love” and they even went about helping me secure a space!

So, here we are – 5 weeks until classes start!
We’re going to have a great time – all kinds of classes, a trip to NYC (Im seeing NPH in HEDWIG, folks!), and the start of the new HAMLET project with great local talents. Im psyched! Hope you are too!

Check out the brochure – you can download it from the website at Then sign up. Looking forward to seeing you there!