Fresh Breakfast, Anyone?

The troupe forgot to make reservations for their post-performance dinner.  It took Ming-Pow a very long time to find a restaurant in the Triangle that serves food late…but by then it was morning, so he decided to just go ahead and save a table for the rest of them while he enjoyed a fresh breakfast! Where did he go?


Win free tickets to Friday July 19th performance of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead! Email if you know where Ming-Pow is!


Is that a band?

The sound of Vicky’s tapping was haunting his dreams, so Ming-Pow decided to do a little retail therapy to clear his head. He took all the tavern monies with him, and the troupe is desperately looking for him!


Where is Ming-Pow? Write to us at and win 2 free tickets to Thursday July 18 performance of Hamlet!

Poor Scarlett!

Scarlett was so angry at Ming-Pow for putting the skirt on again, he felt it was safer to disappear for a bit… he found a little gem of a place with healthy food, lots of restaurants to choose from, fountains, and a fun little park. Help us get him back – its getting close to show time!


Email the Player King so he can retrieve Ming-Pow and get 2 free tickets to the Tuesday night show (with cast/crew talk-back) on July 16 of Hamlet!!!

Ming-Pow finds a village!

Ming-Pow wanted to check out the tavern that the Traveling Trunk Troupe was playing at, and see what kind of ales they have on tap! He was last seen in a village in Raleigh…


Write to the to win 2 free tickets to the evening performance of Hamlet on July 13!

CONGRATS to Holly on her correct guess – he was at the Village Draft House in Cameron Village!

Ming-Pow was seen on I-40W…

Ming-Pow wanted to get a little bit of Southern culture… and he found it, with a side of tasty snacks and afternoon sun!


Be the first to email us with the correct location at, and win 2 tickets to the opening night of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead on July 12!

No one’s found him yet – quick – he was seen turning onto 147…!

And he was found by Jeanann in Cary! Congrats on your two free tickets to opening night of R&G Are Dead!

Ming-Pow is lost!

One of the troupe members en route to Elsinore is lost! Ming-Pow heard that there were some awesome shakes and burgers (with amazing pickles!) at some Circus in Cary, but cant find them!

Help the Player King locate Ming-Pow by determining his location in this photo and then email him at The first person to email with the correct location gets 2 tickets to OPENING NIGHT on Thursday, July 11!!


Hurry, before he moves on!

AND NOW, let us congratulate PETER from Cary on his 2 free ticket to opening night!

The Players Arrive!

I was thoroughly amused at our Wednesday night Players rehearsal, to the point where we had to stop so I could get a breath!
Not only are these actors tackling a challenging role (they are the acting troupe that comes to town and performs in the play-within-the-play in Hamlet AND the troupe in R&G), but they are constantly evolving! Their individual character traits, skills, and relationships make for some excellent comic beats. They will truly engage the audience!
The rehearsals are long and sometimes laborious, but the results are AMAZING!
I cant wait for everyone to get to meet Arthur, Ollie, Vlkrm, Zelda, Alfred, Lutka, Ming Pow, Scarlett, Viktor (Vicky), and Theodora!

-Julya (director)