The Doctor is in!

From the Good Doctor

Madness, murder and general misbehaving. What’s a poor priest to do? Arm herself with a sturdy cross, that’s what. Luckily this Doctor of Divinity has kin who is more than kind. Her sister crafted this talisman to help throw off the scent of what evil lurks.

Cross necklace from Spirit Collections by Sherry…the Spirit always endures (

~ Laura Arwood, DD

Hamlet R&G Doctor Cross png

Sherry Cross Chain and Bell Choice


Fabric, fabric everywhere but not a drop to sew

Greetings all,

I am the head costumer, Lauren, and I am looking forward to working on this show.  I’ve been sewing for 20ish years and doing costumes for staged productions for at least 5ish.  I started sewing in Girl Scouts to get my sewing badge but craftiness is in my blood and that was just an excuse to start learning.  In high school and college I did a lot of anime cosplaying and also joined the SCA for a while.  Right now, I’m a stay-at-home mom and mostly sew for my daughter.  Right this minute I have a She-ra costume I’m working on for her that I’m adapting from a Tinkerbell costume pattern by Simplicity.

Yesterday, I went to Joann Fabrics to start buying patterns and look again for fabrics for Gertrude and Ophelia’s dresses.  There was a sale on Vogue patterns and there was one in particular that I really felt I could modify into a wonderful dress for our Gertrude.  The problem I run into time and again is finding the right FABRIC for a costume.  The choices are so limited, especially if you’re looking for something in the wrong “season.” In this case we are looking to do a multi-colored effect and it also needs to look pretty opulent and flowy.  Special occasion fabric is there year-round so I didn’t think I was going to have a problem finding something for this dress.  Each character is going to have a color associated with them and Gertrude’s is red.  I found Scarlet, Tango Red and Bordeaux in their Casa Collection special occasion fabrics (also on sale, luckily for longer than the patterns were) and they would all go great together in the final dress… if only they had the right fabric styles I needed in all the colors!

fabric aisles

So many choices, but are any right?

I looked online and they don’t even have the Scarlet color at all on their online shop, and apparently you need to buy 2 yards minimum online and I really only need 1 yard for the bordeaux in the same fabric type that I can get the scarlet in at the store.  Budget is tight and I don’t know that I can use that extra for something else.  So what am I to do?  Scarlet and bordeaux need to be the same type or the dress will not look right.  Will I pick a different color?  Will I check other online fabric stores for similar colors in the correct fabric type?  Will I dye something? Or will I learn to weave my own fabric?  Stay tuned and you may just find out.

-Lauren (Head Costumer)

Vintage look & feel!

Hello blog readers!

This is Alex one of the costumers for Hamlet/R&G. I have spent a frightening amount of time recently looking at vintage pictures of fashion and hair from the 1920s/30s/40s. Part of this is for the show (think vintage inspired) and part of it is from my own obsession. The 1920s were such a great time for fashion, there was the explosion of women, suddenly women were liberated from dull structures and no makeup and they came out with a bang. Hair was chopped, as the bob soared in population (as a bob-wearer I appreciate my history), women began wearing ox red lipstick and wearing rouge in public. Hem lengths lifted (ankles and calves gasp!) and stockings became more of a statement and less of a nuisance. When you get to the late 20s the flapper look hit and that’s when we see the “classic 20s” look of a shapeless shift flapper dress. There are some true works of beauty in the flapper dresses, we aren’t talking crappy target Halloween costumes (no shame guys I’ve bought one too) but works of art (Exhibit A B and C).

If you are looking for some 1920s inspiration below are some of my favorite 1920s looks!

PS- Is anyone else completely psyched for the fantastic fashion of The Great Gatsby (May 10th here I come!)

Modcloth’s beautiful 1920s inspired section!
Every fashionista’s idol- Coco Chanel
Some seriously beautiful pieces!
Downton’s wonderful 1920s fashion (my favorite part of this depressing season)
Gatsby fashion!
More 1920s inspiration!

On that note I’m off to work on a borrow list for the show I should have finished. Hopefully next update we’ll have some exciting thrift shop purchases!

Stay classy folks,
Alex (head costumer for Players and Ensemble; assistant for all others)