Returning to good ol’ NC this summer…

After many interesting and challenging artistic opportunities here in Danville, we’re offering summer classes and a conservatory (and 2 shows in repertory!) in NC!

When I wasnt able to secure a rehearsal/performance space here in KY, good friends in NC said “why not come back here and work with all of us you know and love” and they even went about helping me secure a space!

So, here we are – 5 weeks until classes start!
We’re going to have a great time – all kinds of classes, a trip to NYC (Im seeing NPH in HEDWIG, folks!), and the start of the new HAMLET project with great local talents. Im psyched! Hope you are too!

Check out the brochure – you can download it from the website at Then sign up. Looking forward to seeing you there!


A sneak peek!

Tonight is opening night. That’s right, its the day of the show y’all!!
And just in case you weren’t motivated to come to Hamlet yet, here are some photos to inspire your attendance!

First, we find Polonius’ family – with both Ophelia (Tiffany Clark) and understudy Ophelia (Livian Kennedy). [See the family resemblance? Interesting how much Reynaldo looks like Laertes, isnt it?]



But really, the two girls are just besties.

And the love of their life, Hamlet finds himself struggling with his “mad” inner child.

Perhaps that is due to his strained relationship with his mother, Gertrude.

Ever since she married his uncle, Claudius, things havent been the same at home.

Claudius has been very busy since becoming King, and has taken it upon himself to educate the servants and the Doctor of Divinity on the way things ought to be…

…and then spends some extra time with his most loyal and entrusted servant, Osric.

With her status increasing around the castle, the Doctor follows Claudius’ lead and makes the servants of the castle follow her… directives.

When Hamlet returns from Wittenburg, Marcellus regales Hamlet with a fascinating story, but Horatio cannot help but to laugh…

Soon thereafter, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern arrive in town at the behest of the crown, and try their luck, convincing Hamlet to enjoy the Players.

But first, there is a Wittenburg reunion.

That done, the Players (the Tragedians of the Traveling Troupe) arrive and Hamlet spends some time asking a little favor, after giving the Player King his attention, of course.


The Players thoroughly entertain, but Scarlett and Ming-Pow are far more concerned about their relationship than anything else.

Alas, the play goes terribly wrong, and after a handful of “mad” moments, Hamlet (and Horatio) find themselves before the Gravedigger, and things go from bad to worse.

To see what happens next, come see the show!

Hamlet runs at 7:30pm on Thursday July 11, Saturday July 13, Tuesday July 16 (understudy show), and Thursday July 18. Hamlet matinee on Saturday July 20 at 1:00pm.

Tickets are on sale now – and with a small house, you should reserve your tickets now!
Email us at

*photos in this post courtesy of Ashley Lorenz

Final Dress!

Time just flies when you are trying to direct 2 shows in 7 weeks, lose more than a handful of actors (or 2 handfuls for that matter), and tempt fate with illness throughout the cast & crew… it seems like just last week we were starting rehearsal. Okay, maybe it seems like 2 weeks ago, but still.

Hyperbole aside, I have come to the point where I am conversing with the theatre gods on the regular (er, well, yes, you can call it “conversing”). But last night, I thanked them.

The number of people who have jumped in to assist with changes, work overnights (working in the space from 4pm until 7am), run errands, or simply come in with a positive attitude and a hug… well, the number isnt small.

I am honored to be a part of a project where so many people are willing to do more than show up and say words.
I look forward to others enjoying the project, and offering their kudos and encouragement to the cast & crew.
They certainly deserve it.

– julya (director)

No, Punch & Judy, No!

Ming-Pow ran away because it makes him sad when Punch and Judy fight, and he found himself a larger venue! Help us find him so that the players can go on!


Email with his location and win 2 free tickets to the Wednesday July 17 performance of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead!

Congratulations to Lormarev on her two free tickets!!

A few words of delight…

Super excited for the show! The acting is amazing, the set and costumes are beautiful, and everyone is so nice! These shows will keep you on the edge of your seat! I’ve seen them several times and still love them!

-Serenity (Tech/Ensemble)

Secrets secrets are no fun…except when they are!

So in rehearsal this week, as part of our character work, Julya had each of us write down a secret our character knows about another character.
Because I am mean, I gleefully wrote something scandalous about Guildenstern.  (Sorry, David.  Except not really.)
Then Julya announces that our secrets will be worked into the play somehow.  (Sorry, David.  Except not really.)
After rehearsal, I wait around until Julya is free and tell her I want her to read my secret now, so that I can see her reaction.
She unfolds my secret (Which is folded into an origami swan because reasons.), reads it, and goes into the Full-On-Julya-Belly-Laugh for a good minute.  She passes my secret on to Deirdre. 
…Who smirks.  And says “You need to read David’s.”
Deirdre digs out Guildenstern’s secret (which I presume is about Rosencrantz) and passes it to Julya, who reads it.
And begins to laugh so hard that she can’t breathe.  A good three minutes of gasping and wheezing and waving her hands around.

…What have we gotten ourselves into?
-Noelle (Rosencrantz)