Fresh Breakfast, Anyone?

The troupe forgot to make reservations for their post-performance dinner.  It took Ming-Pow a very long time to find a restaurant in the Triangle that serves food late…but by then it was morning, so he decided to just go ahead and save a table for the rest of them while he enjoyed a fresh breakfast! Where did he go?


Win free tickets to Friday July 19th performance of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead! Email if you know where Ming-Pow is!


Is that a band?

The sound of Vicky’s tapping was haunting his dreams, so Ming-Pow decided to do a little retail therapy to clear his head. He took all the tavern monies with him, and the troupe is desperately looking for him!


Where is Ming-Pow? Write to us at and win 2 free tickets to Thursday July 18 performance of Hamlet!

Poor Scarlett!

Scarlett was so angry at Ming-Pow for putting the skirt on again, he felt it was safer to disappear for a bit… he found a little gem of a place with healthy food, lots of restaurants to choose from, fountains, and a fun little park. Help us get him back – its getting close to show time!


Email the Player King so he can retrieve Ming-Pow and get 2 free tickets to the Tuesday night show (with cast/crew talk-back) on July 16 of Hamlet!!!

Ming-Pow finds a village!

Ming-Pow wanted to check out the tavern that the Traveling Trunk Troupe was playing at, and see what kind of ales they have on tap! He was last seen in a village in Raleigh…


Write to the to win 2 free tickets to the evening performance of Hamlet on July 13!

CONGRATS to Holly on her correct guess – he was at the Village Draft House in Cameron Village!

“Ming-Pow, Oh Ming-Pow, wherefore art thou Ming-Pow?”

Ming-Pow wants to get outta town… he’s heard Wittenburg is the place to be!

Check out the photo and email us at to win 2 free tickets to the Saturday July 13 matinee of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead! Hurry, Ming-Pow is already in line!


CONGRATS to Angie of Cary on her 2 free tickets!

Ming-Pow was seen on I-40W…

Ming-Pow wanted to get a little bit of Southern culture… and he found it, with a side of tasty snacks and afternoon sun!


Be the first to email us with the correct location at, and win 2 tickets to the opening night of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead on July 12!

No one’s found him yet – quick – he was seen turning onto 147…!

And he was found by Jeanann in Cary! Congrats on your two free tickets to opening night of R&G Are Dead!

Ming-Pow is lost!

One of the troupe members en route to Elsinore is lost! Ming-Pow heard that there were some awesome shakes and burgers (with amazing pickles!) at some Circus in Cary, but cant find them!

Help the Player King locate Ming-Pow by determining his location in this photo and then email him at The first person to email with the correct location gets 2 tickets to OPENING NIGHT on Thursday, July 11!!


Hurry, before he moves on!

AND NOW, let us congratulate PETER from Cary on his 2 free ticket to opening night!